Guiding Principles

The interests and concerns of Del Rey Oaks residents should be paramount in all City Council decisions affecting our community. My decisions will be science and data based and always fiscally prudent. Climate change is both real and an immediate threat and must therefore be a significant consideration in all decisions. Every individual is valued and social justice demands exploring how every action affects those among us who are disadvantaged. Ensuring the fiscal health of Del Rey Oaks, protecting the environment, social justice for all and tackling climate change are inextricably linked together.
Work to further increase transparency and accountability of the Del Rey Oaks city government.

Transparency and accountability are not simply reporting on what actions you have taken. They both begin well before the fact. As a City Council member I will endeavor to ensure that every Del Rey Oaks resident feels as though their voice is being listened to. I will always strive to explain my decisions in clearly understood terms.

Actively solicit resident input for city’s vision for Fort Ord land development

The Fort Ord land represents the only meaningful opportunity for Del Rey Oaks to grow in the future and we only get one shot at it. That makes it critical that Del Rey Oaks residents are provided the opportunity to participate early in any process leading to a final course of action.

Actively work towards increasing housing inventory in addition to the former Fort Ord land

We cannot assume that our housing requirements will entirely be met with Fort Ord development. We must also be thinking creatively and looking at all possible options including ADUs and commercial/residential partnerships.

Ensure that no north side road gets built to the airport

Although the latest plan to build a road from the airport to Hwy 218 was recently halted, history tells us that it could be revived in the future. I will actively support measures that preclude any discussion of building the road.

Restore Monterey One Water expanded water recycling

Water is a precious commodity on the Monterey Bay peninsula. We must stop removing water from the Carmel River and provide a reliable source of water to replace it and also provide for sustainable growth. The current CalAm desalinization plan is unproven technology, horrifically expensive and could result in irreversible damage to aquifers serving Marina and result in harmful environmental consequences. Restoring the option for expanding Pure Water Monterey water recycling would resolve these issues and align us with our Peninsula neighbors.

Strengthen DRO’s ties to other Peninsula cities to develop regional solutions

Del Rey Oaks will be most successful when fully participating as an active partner with our Peninsula neighbors, whose interests are closely aligned with our own.

Strengthen support for small businesses

Del Rey Oaks enjoys an enviable reputation as a friendly place to do business and we must constantly work to maintain this reputation and improve it where possible.

Protecting our natural beauty

I oppose all development on our 17 acre property across from The Oaks. Arroyo del Rey is a special creek and needs to be protected to ensure its health and that of the wetlands habitat it supports.